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The professional team at CJS
Designing, building and operating data centers for some of the world's most demanding companies and web properties.

Whether you need to cool hot gear in your data center, contain a tangle of cables and servers in your network closet, deliver continuous power to your IT equipment, or monitor your network in real-time, CJS I.T. will select a solution to fit your needs.

Products Include:
• Precision Cooling
• UPS Systems
• Racks and Cabinets
• Power Distribution and Conditioning
• Monitoring
• Surge Protection

CJS Customers will always be 100% satisfied with:
• 100 percent Uptime SLA
• State of the art raised floor data center
• Redundant conditioned power and air
• State-of-the-Art Back Systems
• Reliable back up power with multiple Caterpillar diesel generators, each 1.75 Mw with power distributed via 480V, 3 phase, 4 wire
• Cisco Networking
• State of the art security and fire safety
• Biometric security
• Carrier neutral network access
• Full 10 Mbps of Internet bandwidth
• A dedicated, professional data center team

Networking Solutions
At CJS I.T. we realize that your network systems and computers are crucial to your business and any downtime can be costly and frustrating. We are focused on providing quality support and a wide range of service to any sized business and home users.

The technicians at CJS I.T. are Microsoft and Apple Certified and know the latest technologies in order to provide you with the highest quality service available. Our networking expertise include:
• Network Design and Installation
• Remote Network Access
• Terminal Servers
• Network Security and Management
• Corporate virus protection
• Desktop Support.

We also offer a wide rage of services and our goal is to resolve your problem on-site as soon as possible. CJS I.T. will come in to evaluate your office computers and provide you with a complete analysis of your system. Please give us a call on any specific IT related problem you may have.

On Site computer professionals will provide immediate or contract computer support to solve and service your business computer problems.




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